Finally have proper fitting bras to wear!

CeleBRAtion Time!

One of my biggest pet peeves is that once I realize I’m doing something wrong, and I’m unable to do anything about it, I get irritated with the situation. In this case, I was irritated by the fact I had to wait until Thursday to get a bra I purchased from eBay in the mail.. […]

"I'm not amused!"

Ruthie’s Getting Glasses

So, Ruthie’s 4 year old well child checkup was last month, and she got a 20/30 on the vision test, and they told me ‘not to worry about it’. So, of course remembering the results that Zoe got (20/40) I was thinking, “Okay she’s got bad eyesight too, gonna go take her in as well.” […]

Merging of Two Domains

Last night, while out for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the kids, Jeff and I were talking about websites and blogging, and he made the suggestion to start blogging here instead of my blogger domain. Quite brilliant, really I can’t understand why the idea didn’t cross my mind sooner. I’ve been letting the domain […]